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You’re about to graduate and get your degree soon? You are motivated and want to achieve a lot? Then we have a lot to offer to you: For more than seven decades we have been developing solutions for our customers in the areas of cleanliness and hygiene, plastics technology as well as health care and pharmaceutical products. At etol you will find a good, dual, education, exciting assignments and responsibilities, nice colleagues and as well as the possibility of being employed if we have a vacancy and you impress us.

Our employees value their fair salary, their secure job and the good working atmosphere provided by etol. We also offer many opportunities for further professional development. Though we stand on firm ground, we are constantly evolving as we want to offer our customers the best products now and in the future. Furtermore, we attach great importance to sustainability, that is to the preservation of resources in order to leave a clean planet to the coming generations.

Karriere Stellenangebote Arbeitgeber Aubsildung
Karriere Stellenangebote Arbeitgeber Aubsildung

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We are by your side. All our trainees get to know the company and are introduced to its three divisions.

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