Cleanliness and Hygiene

Hygiene with system

Hygiene Optimal cleanliness and hygiene for large commercial kitchens: we follow this principle for 70 years. We steadily continue to develop our wide range of products, offering etolit green as product line without phosphates, chlorine and NTA for commercial dishwashing. The offer ranges from highly effective cleaners and rinse aids for professional dishwashing through products and services for cleaning of kitchen spaces, all-purpose cleaners and dosing technology up to individual concepts for hygiene management.

Knowledge transfer at every level

Hygiene is a sensitive field of work that requires precise procedures. Therefore, we continuously evaluate scientific findings, keep closely in touch with dealers and users, as well as manufactures of dishwashers.This enables constant product development that responds flexibly to new demands and trends.

Basis for a long-term partnership

The close connection between cleaning products and technology led us to selling our products consequently through specialized retailers. This ensures you have a competent person that advise you best. With "Systematic hygiene" we pursue our primary goal: the long-term partnership with gastronomy, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, canteens and cafeterias.