Cleanliness and Hygiene

Hygiene management

Commercial kitchen hygiene is only perfect when consistently established in all areas. Therefore, a complete hygiene management program becomes an absolute must for any responsible user. With years of experience and know-how on the current state of scientific debate, we offer extensive service benefits, which usually begin with a detailed operational analysis.


  • Hygiene training according to DIN 10514 10514
  • for the Infection Protection Act §42, §43
  • Product training in theory and practice
  • Handling of hazardous materials and requirements for their storage

Implementation and customization of the HACCP concept

Whether you want to implement a HACCP concept or adapt to new framework - we support you with many years of experience and extensive expertise. In particular, we conduct site inspections and work with you to determine critical points.

Microbiological tests

On request, we carry out all necessary microbiological tests to check the hygienic functioning of multi-tank dishwashers and their accordance with the requirements of DIN 10510. The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures in hygienically sensitive areas of commercial kitchens (surfaces, work areas, equipment, etc.) is checked. This allows you to feel safe and secure at all times.

Technical service

Our service technicians take into account the water hardness, your machines and our product, and accurately coordinate their parameters. This protects the environment and is economical. Regular maintenance of your machine technology and management of individual parameters is an important link of gap-less hygiene chain.

Cleaning and disinfection plans

What cleaning materials should be used, and at what intervals? For the purpose of finding an individual solution we join you for_ site inspections. On their basis, we develop cleaning and disinfection plans that will enable the correct use of all etolit products. On request, we also constantly review all documents in terms of validity and if necessary, arrange for them to be updated. This way you are always up to date.

Document service

We offer you continuous document service and provide you with all the current safety data sheets, operating instructions and product information that is available.