Reinigungsmittel für gewerbliche Großküchen und Spülmaschinen

Hygiene with system

etol was one of the first suppliers of cleaners and rinse aids for commercial use in Europe and has firmly established itself as an innovation leader, specializing in commercial dishwashers. The etolit cleaners and rinse aids for professional dishwashing deliver optimal cleanliness and hygiene.

We offer products and services for kitchen cleaning, all-purpose cleaners and dosing technology through to individual hygiene management concepts. The portfolio of etolit cleaning products around professional kitchen hygiene covers the entire demand for commercial kitchens. You would like to purchase etolit products?

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Your safety for the best rinsing result

Hygiene is a sensitive field of work that requires a precise approach. This is why we are in permanent contact with specialist dealers and users. We work closely with established manufacturers of dishwashers. The direct connection between cleaning agents and technology has led us to distribute our products consistently through specialist dealers. In this way, we ensure that you have a qualified contact person who can give you optimum advice. Through “Hygiene with system” we pursue our most important goal: the long-term partnership with gastronomy, hospitals, old people’s homes, restaurants, canteens and refectories.


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