EU-Ecolabel, etolit green

etolit green – outstanding quality

The line of compact cleaners, liquid cleaners, rinse aids, all-purpose cleaners, etolit green Perfect and our new products etolit green Descaler and etolit green Dishwashing Detergent contains no phosphates, chlorine, NTA or other ecologically harmful phosphate substitutes. All etolit green products have passed the strict tests for the EU Ecolabel. Also our etolit green Compact Detergent – the first compact detergent ever with the EU Ecolabel.

Clearly, what counts in the scullery is hygienic cleanliness and perfect shine. But our chemists wanted more.
In years of development work, they were looking for the ingredients for the perfect recipe. Highest efficacy with lowest environmental impact – that was their goal. First, they deleted everything that unnecessarily polluted our rivers and our health, such as colorants and preservatives. Substances that are toxic to aquatic organisms or suspected of being cancerous were eliminated, as well as problematic chlorine. Finally, they looked for alternatives to phosphates and NTA. With success.

With etolit green you are on the safe side. The highly active cleaning substances of our compact and liquid cleaners guarantee you excellent rinsing results, while the etolit green rinse aid ensures fast and residue-free drying of the dishes. At the same time, with the name etolit green we promise you the highest cleaning power with a lower environmental impact. Ingredients, packaging and effectiveness of our etolit-green products correspond to the high ecological quality level of the EU Ecolabel.

Our etolit green products: