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You want perfectly clean dishes? Do you want your scullery to work reliably even at peak times? Are you looking for a competent contact person in matters of hygiene? Then you’ve come to the right place: with our individual service, your scullery will achieve brilliant results. From the stocktaking to the installation of the dosing technology to the training of the employees in the dishwasher preparation – we accompany you through the entire process and get the optimum out of it for you.

Benefit from our holistic approach: A brilliant wash result requires more than just the right detergent. That’s why we take a close look at all the factors that influence the cleaning power on your premises. Rinsing and dosing technology are just as important as the hardness of the water, the composition of the detergent or the temperature. We only leave when everything has been perfectly coordinated. We will then be able to accompany you continuously, for example with inspection and maintenance work.

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