Cleanliness and Hygiene

Our first directive: optimization of all components

A detergent then develops its full potency when it is optimally adjusted to the machine and the water hardness. This is why we have consistently focused on the close link between our cleaning and hygiene products and the machine technology it is meant for. Thus our products are only available through specialist retailers and we maintain close contact with people responsible for machine manufacturing. Because your employees are also part of your "system's hygiene", we provide hygiene and product training, as well as extensive customer service. Also these factors, the knowledge of rinsing preparation and application use are essential factors to achieving a durable shiny result.

4 x Service for your best result

For your continuous satisfaction, we offer comprehensive customer service in different areas connected to cleaning products.

Customer Service

  • Site inspection, inventory
  • Product advice and after ordering and acquisition
  • Support on any question concerning HACCP
  • Support for the drafting of cleaning, disinfecting and skin protection plans
  • Support for application problems
  • Conducting of training courses
    • Hygiene training acc. to DIN 10514
    • Training for the Infection Protection Act § 42, § 43
    • Product training in theory and practice

Customer Service Microbiology

  • On request special verification according to to DIN 10510
    • In process-relevant modifications
    • On change of temperature control, transport speed
    • On changing of the wash ware, water supply, cleaner, rinse aid

      The extraordinary audit includes:
      • Swab tests with least 10 pieces of crockery
      • Determining the bacteria-count in the wash liquor
      • Tests with bioindicators

  • On request, microbiological status assessment within the kitchen environment

Technical Service

  • Provision, installation and maintenance of dosing devices
  • Verification of relevant machine parameters
  • Control of detergent and rinse aid concentration levels
  • Water quality control
  • Checking operations on site

Chemical service

  • Water quality analysis
  • Analysis of the wash liquor
  • Hazard analysis
  • Complaint handling


  • Extensive product documentation
  • Provision of EEC safety data sheets
  • Support in the preparation of operating instructions
  • Support in the preparation of a hazardous substance registers