What sets us apart: a forward-looking view

Because we have both feet firmly on the ground, we have a clear head for the important things – for example, the development of effective and sustainable products in all areas of the company.


During peak periods, sculleries must work smoothly. Our range of cleanliness and hygiene products for commercial kitchens is geared to this. We offer you cleaners and rinse aids for professional dishwasher cleaning, products and services for cleaning kitchens and individual concepts for hygiene management.

In exchange with you, we coordinate detergents, dosing technology and operating procedures on site in such a way that the best results are achieved and everything runs smoothly. The intensive cooperation with our customers and the exchange with dishwasher manufacturers means that we are constantly developing our concepts further.


With the Health Care and Pharmaceutical Products division, we take over the contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical products in semi-solid and liquid form. Especially for cosmetics and medical devices, we optimize the existing formulations with regard to your individual needs and produce laboratory preparations and samples. Instead of having our own label, we lead our customers’ brands to success – through comprehensive project management, from product development to delivery.


The advantages of plastics are demanded in many industries: e.g. in the automotive industry, for medical products or in mechanical engineering. As a development partner, we accompany our customers from brainstorming through design to the manufacture of precisely fitting components in two areas: PUR/coating and deep-drawing/sandwich parts.

Polyurethane (PUR) can be used to produce materials with a wide variety of properties and applications. On request, we can refine our moulded parts in cooperation with our paint shop, Savino GmbH – a wholly-owned subsidiary of etol. In the area of thermoformed/sandwich parts, we manufacture large-area, lightweight and precisely fitting components, such as covers or housing parts. The blu’line food transport systems also originate from this division.

Our motivation: getting better and better

Only the best is good enough for our customers. That’s why we set standards for quality and the environment on which you can measure us. They are not only a central component of our corporate policy, but also binding for our employees.


You are the focus of our work. Therefore it is one of our biggest concerns to guarantee you a high quality of our products. Our employees live this goal and ensure that it is achieved throughout the entire production process. We also use methods in all areas of the company to ensure that we meet your quality requirements. The selection of our suppliers is also always quality-oriented.

Environment and energy

etol is located in the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The nature that surrounds us sharpens our awareness for a clean environment every day anew. With us, you have a partner at your side for whom sustainability is an essential pillar of its corporate policy.

By choosing etol, you are choosing a company that …

… takes responsibility for the environment and is constantly looking for improvements in energy and the environment.

… complies with environmental laws and energy requirements.

… largely uses environmentally friendly materials and resource-saving processes.

… preserves water, energy and raw materials, so that future generations also profit of nature.

… expects similar care from contract partners with regard to the environment and energy.

Less is more

You are looking for a sustainable solution – for your business and nature. With etolit green, you can rely on an innovative programme that does not use harmful substances such as chlorine, phosphates or NTA. It is the first compact cleaner ever to bear the EU Ecolabel – an eco-certificate known for its strict criteria. etolit green scores in all areas: The raw materials used and the manufacturing process are particularly environmentally friendly, and the cleaning performance is outstanding.

Why we don’t just care about clean dishes? We are rooted in the Black Forest, our products come from here. We are surrounded by breathtaking nature. It is therefore a matter of course for us that we also strive for top performance in the area of sustainability. In research and development, we do everything we can to ensure that you consume fewer and fewer resources and that future generations can enjoy nature.

Our principles:

  • Environmental protection is our common task and responsibility
  • We conserve natural resources. In particular, we handle water carefully and ensure that our wastewater is as polluted as possible.
  • We select the most environmentally friendly materials and processes possible when developing new products and processes. Disposal should also be possible without problems.
  • We avoid waste. Waste should be recycled wherever possible. We dispose of problematic waste properly and carefully.
  • We observe environmental laws.
  • We strive to adhere to our principles and expect the same from our contractual partners.