Welcome to the etol group.

With etol plants in Oppenau and in Oberkirch the etol group is located in the heart of the Schwarzwald region. The beauty of nature encourages us every day in our strive for self-perfection: What really counts are the inner values.

Three divisions, two plants, one goal: sustainability for customers and the environment

This claim is revealed in each of our three divisions "Cleanliness and hygiene", "Health care and pharmaceuticals" and "Plastics technology". In all business areas we consistently ensure that. Products and manufacturing processes are equally Thus we use as little water as possible in our hygiene products. In our pharmaceuticals business, we match the packaging perfectly to the needs of the customer. For our high rack warehouse, we use adiabatic cooling - a technology that helps save power and therefore reduce the emission of CO.2

» Corporate policy etol Oppenau
» Environmental policy etol Oberkirch

You have needs, we have the solution

We are a service provider who stays in the background. Our view applies exclusively to your individual requirements. With this objective in mind, we haveput together our portfolio from development, production, project management and customer service. This applies to every etol plant. A consistent service package from which you may request all or only a part of services

Continuous growth: Since 1946

More and more customers know and appreciate this service consciousness. Since its inception in 1946, our company has recorded a growth that continues continuously in all three areas. Organic and sustainable - as the nature surrounding of the Schwarzwald region. As was said: What really counts are the inner values.