Always our focus:
Sustainable development of environmentally friendly alternatives

For us, one thing is certain: Our customers have to rely on products that fulfill their function optimally. If they do it in an environmentally friendly way, the better. This is the objective of our research and development. Thus we have developed for catering supplies our series "etolit green" - a complementary range of detergents and rinse aids for commercial dishwashers. This innovation is a unique example of sustainable development. It dispenses with the usual environmental and health harmful substances such as chlorine, phosphates and NTA - and retains its full cleaning power.

More and more users have learned to appreciate this, of which our sales figures give clear evidence. All products from "etolit green" have passed with flying colors the most stringent tests of theEU-Eco-Label. Thus, the raw materials used were also approved of, just like the manufacturing process and the cleaning performance. We are particularly pleased with this since our "etolit green" compact cleaner is the first compact cleaner to ever get certified with the EU Eco-Label. Sustainable development the etol way.