On the safe side

Our longterm customer relationships speak for themselves, because we offer product quality at a consistently high level. You can also benefit from the analytics in our in-house laboratory: Whether parameters such as adhesive strength, refractive index, viscosity, consistency or IR spectrometry – our experts analyse your products quickly and reliably.

We focus on the entire process chain: We do not only check the raw materials, we also take samples from the raw materials during the production to check the quality of your product. For special questions and analyses, we work with certified specialist laboratories. This is how we always achieve the best for you.


Time savings

Our in-house analytics work quickly and reliably. Most controls do not require the use of external facilities.

Consistent quality

We check the entire process chain from the raw material to the packaging. This is how we ensure the quality of your products.

Proven external partners

For special questions, we are supported by certified laboratories.


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