Every quantity is possible

From production to filling to packaging: your products are in good hands. In bulk production, batch sizes of up to 7,500 litres are available for liquid products and up to 2,500 litres for semi-solid products – if required also for products requiring EX protection in accordance with ATEX directives. This makes us a strong partner especially for medium to larger customers. Trust in our high quality standards: etol produces in clean room class E, the raw materials are weighed in separate weighing rooms under laminar flow conditions.

Filling is also carried out under laminar flow conditions. You can choose between small or large containers, plastic or glass, screw caps or atomizers. We offer you the whole range of possibilities. We will also be pleased to fill your containers into individual packaging shapes and sizes and apply variable data according to your specifications.

Our services:

Batch sizes up to 7,500 litres for liquid and up to 2,500 litres for semi-solid products

Production under laminar flow conditions in clean room class E, if required also for products that require EX protection according to ATEX guidelines.

Processing of aluminium, laminate and plastic tubes containing between 1 and 300 millilitres in up to 180 cycles per minute

Liquid line for glass and plastic bottles between 5 and 1,000 milliliters, also larger containers up to 5,000 milliliters on request

Labelling according to customer specifications: wrap-around labelling or front and back, tamper-evident labeling

Filling of individual packaging shapes and sizes: Tubes with a diameter of between 13 and 50 millimetres, glass and plastic bottles as round and shaped bottles with many different closure types, canisters

Packaging: Folding box or shipping package

Application of variable data: coloured or colourless embossing, labels with hot embossing, directly by inkjet


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