Every quantity is possible

From production to filling to packaging: your products are in good hands. In bulk production, batch sizes of up to 7,500 litres are available for liquid products and up to 2,500 litres for semi-solid products – if required also for products requiring EX protection in accordance with ATEX directives. Trust in our high quality standards in clean room class E.

Our tube lines have different levels of automation, so we can package small, medium and large batches rationally. In terms of packaging, you have the choice: whether liquids in small or large containers, whether made of plastic or glass, with screw cap or atomizer: we offer you the whole range of possibilities. We are also able to fill your products in individual packaging shapes and sizes and apply variable data according to your specifications.

Our new serialization system, which can of course also generate data matrix codes and check their quality in-line, ensures production and UDI labeling in accordance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). We can offer UDI for all containers produced by us.

In 2022, the process control at the Becomix machines was modernized to the current state, thus contributing to the optimization of process control, including pharmaceutical qualification.

Our services:

Semi-solid Products

  • batch sizes from 20 l up to 2.500 l
  • illing volume of 1 ml – 300 l
  • tubes made of aluminium, laminate or -plastic
  • capacity up to 10.000 pieces per hour

Liquid Products

  • batch sizes from 20 l up to 7.500 l
  • filling volume of 5 ml – 1 l
  • glass or plastic bottles and canisters
  • capacity up to 3.000 pieces per hour
  • Production under laminar flow conditions in clean room class E, if required also for products that require EX protection according to ATEX guidelines.
  • Liquid line for glass and plastic bottles between 5 and 1,000 milliliters
  • Labelling according to customer specifications, tamper-evident labeling
  • Filling of individual packaging shapes and sizes: Tubes with a diameter of between 13 and 50 millimetres, glass and plastic bottles as round and shaped bottles with many different closure types, canisters
  • Packaging: loose folding box, trays or shipping cartons
  • Application of variable data according to customer specification
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