Health care and pharmaceutical products

Decent work for decent products

We manufacture our products at the level of medicinal standards. Decent work for decent products. With our 90 employees and trainees and variable-usable professionals, we can always switch from 2-shift to 3-shift operation. A flexibility that has earned the trust of a growing number of customers over years.

Formula development

Our range of recipes is as diverse as our range of services. We offer for example a wide variety of products that can be marketed under your own brand. We optimize the existing formulas with respect to your individual needs, establish laboratory approaches and procedures and advise you on packaging issues. Also, we take care of registering medical products. We offer you the full development service for cosmetics - from the synopsis according to INCI through the implementation of the notification up to the necessary microbial load tests and the safety report. etol Health Care and Pharmaceutical Products is your partner for high quality formula development.


  • perform the necessary stability tests of new and improved formulas
  • provide laboratory approaches and procedures
  • advise you also on packaging issues
  • also provide for the registration of medical products
  • offer a complete service history of cosmetics: the synopsis according to INCI, the implementation of the notification, the necessary microbial load testing and safety report that we create in collaboration with external service providers

Bulk production

You decide the quantities and we will deliver them. Our process plant for liquid products with batch sizes up to 7,500 liters and semi-solid products up to 2,500 liters make it possible! If necessary, also for products that require Ex-protection in accordance with ATEX directives. This makes us a powerful partner especially for medium to large customers. The production takes place in clean-room class E, the weighing of the raw materials is carried out in separate scale rooms under laminar flow.

Bottling / packaging

Performance of filling under laminar flow conditions: We process aluminum, laminate and plastic tubes with capacities from 1 to 300 ml at 180 cycles per minute. At our Liquid line we fill glass and plastic bottles with volumes 5-5000 ml. And when it comes to products the manufacture of which require EX-protection in accordance with ATEX directives, we followed all necessary norms


Our long-standing customer relationships have a good reason: high quality products of a consistently high standard. Basis for this is the analytics done in our own laboratory, which allows us to investigate a recipe for adhesion, refractive index, viscosity, consistency and IR spectrometry.

Our quality control extends over the entire process chain - from the review and approval of the starting materials and packaging materials through a variety of successive inspections during the production process up to release testing of bulk and finished goods. For special issues and analyzes, we work closely together with external specialized laboratories. All institutes are assessed and incorporated into our quality management system. So you are always on the safe side.