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Polyurethane is a true artist of change: molded parts with different structures, weights and hardness properties can be produced from this plastic. The material forms perfect bonds with other materials in liquid form. That’s why polyurethane can be found everywhere in our everyday lives – in cars, computers, houses and industry. No matter what you have in mind: Our foam systems PUR Integral rigid foam, PUR Compact and PUR Flex are ideal materials for your project.

More and more customers also rely on our finishing service: Whether an EMC coating against electromagnetic radiation or the painting for a good look – thanks to our cooperation with the specialist Savino, various finishing systems are available for you.

Would you like an all-round carefree package? Streamline your processes and save costs by having complete assemblies pre-assembled by us: You send all elements to our factory, we assemble them with our plastic components into complete units and deliver them to your warehouse or just-in-time.

The all-rounder among plastics

Whether dense, open-cell, tough-elastic or light: your projects require a very versatile material that can be used in many different ways? Polyurethane can not only be used to produce molded parts with different densities and hardness properties, it can also be used in liquid form to create a non-positive bond with components made of other materials. This is why polyurethane can be found everywhere in our everyday lives – for example as a monitor cover, on the car as a bumper or in the wall as a ventilation grille.

We offer you the following foam systems:

  • PUR integral rigid foam (PUR IHS): The material consists of a cellular core and a hard, solid edge zone. It is characterised by good acoustic damping and high dimensional stability with extremely different wall thicknesses – ideal for large, rigid and at the same time lightweight moulded parts.
  • PUR Compact (PUR ISO): The material permits very low material thicknesses with high permanent heat resistance. We use it to produce thin-walled housings and claddings with complex and filigree geometries. Because the material is very elastic, it is suitable for connecting snap connections.
  • PUR Flex: The material is also referred to as semi-rigid foam – a name that is a program: PUR Flex can be used to produce foams with very different degrees of hardness. The material has a good texture and is shock-absorbing, tear-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. Depending on requirements, the surfaces can be etched, grained or blasted.

Good to know: All our materials can be equipped with flame retardants. We can also process alternative foam systems on request.

One-stop solution

Any wishes left? We will be pleased to paint and assemble components or assemblies for you. Optimize your production with our support and take advantage of the resulting benefits: faster production, leaner processes and lower costs.

Our services:


Do you want to refine various plastic components? We offer screen and pad printing processes for the surface design of polyurethane or thermoformed parts. EMC coatings against electromagnetic influences are also possible. We also fulfill special requests in cooperation with Savino, a company that has a special focus on coatings.

Component assembly

We take over the pre-assembly of complete components for you. Supply us with your elements – we assemble them with our plastic components to complete units. Then you receive them back, directly to the warehouse or just in time.

Assembly manufacturing

Many customers already rely on etol for the production of complete assemblies, especially in the field of mechanical or electromechanical products. Benefit from the attractive advantages of this full-service offer – for example the pre-financing of all purchased parts, scheduling and warehousing. We will also be glad to carry out the necessary final inspections and documentation for you.


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