Built for eternity

Are you looking for a stable and at the same time lightweight solution? Deep-drawn mouldings with defined polyurethane rigid foams result in sandwich elements with many positive properties. Functional components such as threaded bushes, carrier plates, hinges or other metal parts are already integrated in the manufacturing process according to your specifications. This saves you time-consuming and cost-intensive post-processing.


They are heat insulating, food safe and alkali resistant. This makes them ideal for the commercial transport of food.

They are weatherproof and protect sensitive electronics. Therefore they can be used to produce housings for magnetic card readers, machine controls or access control devices.

They are sound- and shock-absorbing and this makes them ideal for applications such as machine covers, vehicle covers or shower trays.

Get your own impression of how versatile, stable and extremely functional sandwich parts are. Our product line blu’line is manufactured in sandwich construction.


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