Plastics Technology

Customize, refine, assemble

An important component of our business is the production of molded parts made of polyurethane (PUR). A family of materials, which allows for a variety of products with very different properties:

  • PUR Integral foam combines good acoustic damping capacity with high dimensional stability even at extremely different profile thicknesses.
  • PUR Compact ensures a high long-term heat resistance even at very low thicknesses.
  • PUR Flex allows the production of molded parts with very different degrees of hardness.

In order to optimize production processes for our customers, we decided early on to expand our core competence "Plastics Technology" by two additional services. In this way, on request and in collaboration with Savino Ltd., we outfit our plastic components with different coating systems - from the aesthetically pleasing coating on the pad printer to EMC coating to protect against electromagnetic radiation.

We also provide pre-assembly of complete modules especially in the field of mechanical and electro-mechanical end products. For this, all necessary components must be transported into our factory. We assemble our plastic components to complete units and deliver them back to you.

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