Cleanliness and Hygiene

Full Program: Our products are professional cleaners

The product portfolio of etol offers a wide range of cleaning and hygiene solutions for all requirements of a large industrial kitchen. In addition, we offer products for hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting. With our mind set on a continuous improvement process, we ensure a stable current of scientific knowledge to flow into our product development. Moreover, we take advantage of the experience gained with dealers and users in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, canteens and cafeterias. This way we ensure that our customers use the best product that is currently available on the market – truly professional detergents.

Overview of our products

Commercial dishwashers
etolit green // compact cleaner // liquid cleaner // powder detergent // rinse aid

Professional kitchen
Detergent for manual dishwashing // rooms and surfaces // cleaning of equipment // immersion cleaning // decalcification // regeneration // floor care // personal hygiene and sanitary facilities

Hand hygiene and care

Disinfection and cleaning of bedpans
disinfectant // sanitizer // liquid detergent // rinse aid

Dosing technology
Compact cleaner dosing devices // liquid detergent dosing devices // rinse aid dosing devices // admix dosing devices // dispensers